The Oldest with Elles Case chack

‘The Oldest’ starring Elles Case has finished filming

The shooting of the comedy-dramatic short film ‘The Oldest’ with Elles as leading has ended. A 9 Muse production that saw Serena Bevilacqua and Frankie Ghiotti as directors.

Filming took place in the city of Lucca in April. Now the short is in post-production pending its screening at the Lucca ceremony at the end of May.

Elles Case plays Anna Ottavio, a young lawyer broken by the recent loss of her father. The plot sees Anna and other characters stumble upon the mystical The Oldest bar by pure chance, on a particular evening where the veil between the living and the dead thins.

Very proud and happy to have taken part in this project. Despite the unexpected events on the set, the shooting ended in the best possible way for the crew and cast.

The Oldest set photo